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5 Places In South Goa That You Simply Cannot Miss!

Goa + December = Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

But if that is not really your cup of tea and you're looking for something offbeat and tranquil yet for an equally happening time head down to South Goa. 5. Palolem

The beach huts in Palolem beach become functional every year from November to April. Located Just a few meters from the sea, the best part is that the sound of waves that would put you to sleep. The serenity of that sleep is epic and believe me you'd end up wanting to goto sleep like that for the rest of your life. Rent a Kayak (for 150 INR) and head into the sea to enjoy the exquisite sunset! It is so calm, quiet, and you feel so in sync with the energy of the universe.

In the morning go on a boat ride to Honeymoon island (inaccessible otherwise) and Butterfly beach and enjoy some dolphin sighting en route. Be sure to haggle with the boatmen cause they tend to state rip-off prices.

The Goan Love Story

The more the messier, the less the cozier. That’s way travel mantra.  There’s something so peaceful about traveling solo. So like every other Goa trip with friends, when my trip also got canceled I decided to go on my own. And south 𝘎𝘰𝘢 was my obvious choice.

Palolem : I stayed at palolem backpackers - it was right on the beach. The huts were pretty basic but couldn’t have expected more with the price I was paying.
The calm blue waves of the Arabian Sea were so inviting that I couldn’t resist a swim. Eyeing the various colorful beach shacks from the sea, I let it soak in that I was finally there. Then my eyes fell onto this absolutely gorgeous Labrador running alongside this foreigner who appeared to be his master. They ran towards the sea and splashed into the oncoming wave together. I watched them play in the water for a while until the sun got too high and I decided to move along.
I hired a scooter and went for a ride to the Galgibag beach. The beach is a protected site for tur…

Dzuoko Dreams!

The trek from Jakhama is steep”, the driver said gesturing with his hand. “But the view is good. The road from Viswema is easier. Go from Jakhama if you think..”
Take me to Jakhama”, Akash replied convinced. About an hour later, including a pit stop to collect food for the trek and whatever lied in store, the driver dropped him off in front of a signage that said, “WAY TO DZUOKO”. White block letters on a green board. “Follow the villagers”, the driver shouted as he turned his yellow-black cab and darted off. Akash stood clueless for a second and then started walking up the hill. Not a human around, he wondered if it was a ripoff. Shrugging his shoulders, he kept walking.
“Hey!”, he heard a shriek from behind and hurried footsteps. He turned back in astonishment to see a girl, with red-streaked hair that she collected behind her head and flashed a geeky smile. The round Harry-Potter glasses made her the ultimate geek fantasy. “Dzuoko?”, she chirped. “Ya.. yeah..”, he fumbled. “Annie”, she hel…