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What Better Place Than HAMPI-ness!?

Hampi has always been on my goto list and as I sit to pen my thoughts down I realize it STILL is on my goto list cause I'm just not done with it.

As I climbed the Amravati express to Goa from Cuttack, I never thought our destination would make me so HAMPI. I can't disclose much about how we ended up in Hampi instead of Madgaon but well it was quite an adventure (with a LOT of spectators). That said and done, the ruins of Hampi made me feel as if I was zipping off back in time.

CODED CHICKEN :Amidst the backdrop of golden brown hues stood the majestic Virupaksha Temple, literally on the backyard of the guest house we were staying in. After almost 27 hours of the train ride and the added adventure, we were all craving for some good chicken! Fun fact about Hampi, for some odd reason (or maybe the fact that it's an ancient city full of temples), wherever we went for food the menu had only vegetarian options. You can imagine our disappointment with the vegetarian lunch we had to …