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Top 5 memories of 2018

Top 5 memories of 2018 :
1. Going to Tawang. It was simply surreal. The horrendous roads, bone chilling cold, the delicious thukpas, the affable army men, the frozen lakes, snow fall, jaw dropping was an amazing trip to begin the year with.
2. Graduating to become a doctor! Finally became what I’d strived for since I was introduced to biology in school. Writing that first prescription, giving that first cpr, instructing the nurse to administer that first injection.
3. Vietnam 🇻🇳 always wanted to go solo (though not really) to this country! It didn’t disappoint me one bit. Vietnamese coffee was pure love and the varied geographic terrains from beaches to mountains to caves to sand dunes I saw it all.
4. Organised 2 free sales successfully. The look of joy in those in dire need of something and them getting it was pure bliss.
5. South Goa in December. Chain pulled. Train stop. High in Hampiness. Cola beach, camping, bonfire, Maggie 🖤 that cottage in front of the beach.