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Pondicherry Eat Street - What to Eat and Where to Eat!

Puducherry is a name, but Pondicherry is an emotion. I have spent all of my summer/winter/both in Pondi since 1998 thanks to my grandmother. So natural to say I fell in love with Pondi automatically. But it's only in the last couple of years that I was old enough to explore and fall in love with its culinary culture as well.  Must Eats :  Wood fire oven pizzas -  You cannot miss this simply for the love of, well, pizzas. 

1. Cafe Xtasi, Mission Street - This place is like the pizza heaven! Centrally located, you can watch your pizza being baked in a huge wood fire oven right at the entrance, plus there's a rooftop to enjoy a breezy Pondi evening. Try the Mafia pizza, my personal favorite.  2. Tanto's - This one has 2 branches, both at Auroville. But it's worth going all the way! The chef is from Italy and helps you choose your pizza and drinks. The cafe is cutely lit at night.  3. Farm Fresh Pizza - They have 2 branches as well. One is called New farm fresh. You can give…

This December, Head to the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland for an Unbeaten Camping Experience and Tribal Rendezvous!

All CBSE students must be familiar with the name 'Hornbill' because if you guys remember there was an NCERT English book which went by the same name. source : wildlifephoto
Hornbill Festival is celebrated everywhere since 2000 at the Naga Heritage Village in Nagaland, India. The festival is named after the Indian Hornbill, a large and colorful forest bird which is spoken of in the folklore of most of the state's tribes. Source This colorful fiesta is a 10 day affair and it brings together all the tribes of Nagaland into one ground where they sing, dance, play sports, and you have a chance to interact individually with the tribal people and try their traditional food. Also, there's a chilli eating competition if you're up for some heating in the chilly winter. Source: Arun Bhatt on India Travel & Photo Blog The Naga Heritage Village (where the festival is held) is around 12km from the capital city, Kohima. The nearest airport and railway station is at Dimapur which…

2.0 : Vietnam In A Month The Complete Itinerary

Flying to Vietnam from India ----
Airlines: AirAsia
City of Departure: Bhubaneswar
City of Arrival: Ho Chi Minh City
Transit via: Kuala Lumpur (You don't need a Malaysian visa if you book fly-thru tickets with AirAsia.)
Roundtrip Cost: 10500 INR ( I purchased 20kg baggage allowance for an additional 2200 INR. Also, purchase the in-flight meals here cause they're much cheaper when you pre-book them.)

Visa for Vietnam: Total cost 42 USD.

There are 2 steps as follows.

Step 1: Apply for an e-application choosing your intended duration of stay (1 month, 3 month or 6 months) and if you want a single entry or multiple entry visas. It's a simple procedure and the approval letter will be sent to your email ID within 2 days. The cost is about 17 USD for a single entry visa.

The visa letter is a complete invasion of privacy as it's a weird letter with 15 odd names stating their intended date of entry and exit from Vietnam and from which country they belong to.
Also, I recommend wa…