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The Doctor

As I stepped inside the cold OT I looked around in awe. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t my first time in an OT. In fact, I have spent a great many evenings in my childhood just chilling with the nurses, eating mangoes or mudhi (puffed rice) in the Intensive care unit (ICU) amidst the moribund masses. 

But every time I go into an OT, I’m stunned at the potential of this place. You can actually rip a person apart and look at their inside. Like if you think about it the Sartorius,  Gracillis and their friends live in a pitch black world. There’s no Mansapeshee (yes I googled this term!) Jyoti Yojana for them. [my sincere apologies for the miserable try at a joke. I don't know what's wrong with my sense of humor today. It's already asleep I think.]

That aside, it’s really incredible how you can touch the inside, insert devices, take stuff out and so on. What takes our cells months to build can be torn in a jiffy. 
I waited with The Doctor, who was going to perform the surgery, fo…