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1.0 : Vietnam in a Month

 **This is a FAQs of the what, when, why, and hows that I'm answering first before getting into the more interesting details of my trip in my subsequent posts. If you want to go to Vietnam this is your go-to post, basically.**

A country in South-east Asia that is highly misunderstood (especially by Indians) to be a super tiny and majorly poor nation. But people, you are so wrong! 

It has a coastline of about 3444 km (I'm not kidding, you can check Wikipedia. And if even that isn't enough you can go to Vietnam and experience the immensely long coastline yourself like I did!)


Now, this is a difficult question to answer. Not because I don't know why. But it's just difficult to make people understand why I'd choose a not so glamorous destination (in their opinion, not mine) to travel. I realised people are VERY ignorant about Vietnam in this part of the world. 
Off the beaten track - Well, to begin with, I tend to do what others don't or …