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Hidden Island Just An Hour Away From Bhubaneswar

Have you ever wished to have an entire island to yourself? Just bathe in the glorious sunshine amidst the cold winter breeze, in a desolated island with a picnic basket filled with super tasty junk food and your favorite bunch of people around?
Also, to reach there you have to row the boat yourself with a centuries-old ninja boating technique which took me no time at all to learn (okay, just kidding. Took me quite some time). The oar was just a long ( and another short) bamboo pole. It had no paddle or anything. And you have to sort of push the sand bed back with each stroke to propel the boat forward. (Giving you pro tips here. Sshhh!)

In the middle of the mighty river Mahanadi, sits this unnamed unknown island which is a 30 mins boat ride from the banks of Cuttack. Totally unexplored there are no public boats to this place. You have to take a private boat to this absolutely cute little place. To hire a private boat from a fisherman, it might take somewhere between 150-500 rupees depe…