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The story of How I and My Friends Became the Unofficial Crusader of the Stunning Satkosia!

Recently, I have noticed Odisha Tourism promotions everywhere, be it at airports or on VH1 channel on TV. So I thought I'd do my fair share and try and allure you all to the stunning land of Satkosia in Odisha. This was another impromptu trip after a friend showed me a post by Satkosia Sand Resorts on Facebook last November (2017). This was a trip organized by a company called Detour Odisha and they were offering a 2-day return trip to the Satkosia Sand Resorts with a promise of Camping under the stars, trekking, bonfire, food, transport for a freaking unbelievable price of ₹999/person. No, I'm not kidding. I was pretty apprehensive as to what they must be offering for such a meagre sum. This was too good to be true. And I dissed the idea.

But a few days later, I was like what the heck let's just give it a go. And I booked 5 tickets for me and my friends.

A bus was supposed to pick us up from Panthanivas in Bhubaneswar. I imagined the bus to be the worst of city buses wit…

Trotting into The Tantalizing Territory of Tawang

"There is more joy in journey than there is in destination."   -Anandita Pattnaik
We all know spontaneous plans are the ones that actually work out. Cause after months of planning a Goa trip, booking and cancellation of tickets, a lot of major disappointments, I ended up going to the resplendent land of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Having heard and read a lot about the seven sisters, I was surprised at all that I went through. All of it. No article or picture can ever do justice to what one experiences. My first big shocker after booking the flight tickets from Kolkata to Tezpur was that I needed a permit to visit Arunachal Pradesh.

"Umm, hello? Indian here."
But I still needed a permit. Which is not that difficult to get but I had to research a bit as there is no clear guideline as to what the 'Local reference' means while applying for a permit online. Well, basically what I did was put a hotel in Tawang as the reference. Apart from that, it is a smooth proce…