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An Unapologetic Skeptic

I do not think I've ever been in love. I have had feelings for people. Some fleeting, some more long standing. I don't really know what people mean when they say they are in love or that they love someone. I won't define my feelings as love. Cause for me love is something much much greater like it has to be. It can't be this easy or this tangible. I have seen, rather experienced, some people fall in love in a jiffy and some take their time.
Everyone who apparently knows me says that I'm scared. Afraid to admit I'm in love. But it's not that. It's just that I expect it to be something magnificent. Something beyond my imagination. Something larger than everything I have seen or felt so far. Which also explains why I don't believe it when someone says they love me. Cause it sounds all bullshit. Like yeah, sure you do until you decide you don't anymore. Fleeting feelings. I'm an unapologetic skeptic.
I imagine once I fall in love that would be…