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An Unapologetic Skeptic

I do not think I've ever been in love. I have had feelings for people. Some fleeting, some more long standing. I don't really know what people mean when they say they are in love or that they love someone. I won't define my feelings as love. Cause for me love is something much much greater like it has to be. It can't be this easy or this tangible. I have seen, rather experienced, some people fall in love in a jiffy and some take their time.
Everyone who apparently knows me says that I'm scared. Afraid to admit I'm in love. But it's not that. It's just that I expect it to be something magnificent. Something beyond my imagination. Something larger than everything I have seen or felt so far. Which also explains why I don't believe it when someone says they love me. Cause it sounds all bullshit. Like yeah, sure you do until you decide you don't anymore. Fleeting feelings. I'm an unapologetic skeptic.
I imagine once I fall in love that would be…

Mindless Rant

Days like this when I feel like I'm going nowhere in life and basically I’m a waste of space and matter. Because days like this is where your best friend calls you and tells you that he is officially one of the top 20 students in the world and he is invited to be mentored by Harvard professors. Uh, sure does make you question your life decisions. I mean we both have the same roots, we were planted in the same soil, how come he became a Banyan Tree and me a Pumpkin plant? (Banyan Tree, just in case you're reading this then trust me I'm very proud of you [and super envious obviously] and this is just my mindless rant).
Just as I'm tunnelling deeper into this self-reprimanding mode, the voice of happiness (Haven't you saw 'Inside Out'?) tells me that I'm not as useless as I think I'm. It tells me, remember how you were depressed and how you managed to overcome that? And all by yourself for that matter. Hmm. True. I did that. But so what? Happiness says,…