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The 50 shades of Depression -- #Guilt

Now we all have heard about getting dumped, getting depressed. But have you ever went into depression after dumping someone?
This is the story of someone very close to my heart. Let's call them X. Now, X falls for Y.
Cause those are the two most commonly used variables in Algebra. ( Hey!  I love Math, and it's really close to my heart. )
I could try to explain the phases of a relationshipin terms of the bacterial growth curve.

The time taken for the feelings of love to evolve ( The lag phase - Caution! Some resistant might not have this). They have their rapidly ascending phase ( Log phase - basically the exponential phase of being all the lovey-dovey!) Then that plateau ( Stationary phase - where you're content with things but you know it's going nowhere. And it's mundane)Then comes the rapid/slow fall ( Decline phase - when they have exhausted each other, and there is nothing left to hold on to). The last phase is necessarily followed by the inevitable break u…