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To be a Sentineli, good or bad?

In this era so exclusively driven by technological innovations, what once used to be a want or a desire has turned into a need.

Every other kid has an iPad these days and there is complete access to all the wonders of the world. With a tap you transit into this whole new world where you might be a plant (Who ever imagined that there could be something even more fascinating than the Venus flytrap?) and gobbling up zombies (Seriously!) or you are a builder building up entire cities and bringing new civilizations into existence.

You probably have more friends on Facebook than neurons in your brain. Just kidding, but you get my point. These days, its not uncommon to hear the phrase "Facebook friends". It a whole different class of friends. Like you know there are school friends, college friends, office friends and then there are Facebook friends. And whats more, there's an 80% chance that you haven't even seen or spoken to half of them. What happened to the good old days where you actually conversed with someone. Honestly, i'd prefer to have a face to face conversation hands down any day over Facebook or any other media. It annoys me beyond words how in a class of 250, I barely know anyone. Cause apparently its a social stigma to be seen talking to your own batch-mates but all the gibberish over Facebook is acceptable. (Serious WTF moment!) I used to think that this was partly because of the remote location of my college and partly the remote mindset of the people around. But then i realized everywhere I go people have become technology zombies. All they do is stare into their phones, completely ignorant of their surrounding. If you lift up your tiny little head and opened your tiny little eyes, you'd be stunned by the dazzling little things that actually define life!

My mentor once said, "Today, apparently, everything exists to end up in a photograph". Which is true if you think about it. But again who am i to critique when i'm also a victim of this newly engineered, advanced technical world. I recently visited this beautiful and extremely exotic place called Crater Lake in Oregon, USA. The water was this magnificent shade of blue. The surrounding cliffs looked as though they were possessively protecting their precious child, the lake. (Yeah, I'm trying so hard here to be poetic.) Now after i got over the initial awe my mind started analyzing, with its acquired precision, the various perspectives of my next cover photo and profile picture. So I have no right to judge or preach but it is important to appreciate the enthralling existence of mother Earth!

So deep are we into technology that life without it is simply unimaginable. Kind of like water to life on the Earth or oxygen to our existence! But then there are organisms who don't need oxygen to survive (read: anaerobic bacteria!), and so are there The Sentinelese!
This is a tribal community in the North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, who have astonishingly managed to evade the gigantic advances of technology. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the hostility of these Flintstones. I mean they shoot arrows are anyone within an approachable distance, including the helicopters, making it pretty clear that everyone should mind their own business and leave them undisturbed. Which is kind of fair. They aren't exactly harming us unless we trespass their forbidden territory.

Now you might ask how i came across these "Technology virgins". Well, i was watching this video on YouTube. That's how.

Hah! Technology, don't i love you.


PS - I am adding a picture of the exquisite Crater lake. Just so that you can appreciate the beauty of it! *Winks*

 (But FYI, they looked much much better than these pictures.)


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