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Just another thought!

"Ignorance is bliss."
I bet everyone is familiar with the above quote. But is that really true? I mean if you don't know something doesn't mean that is not occuring or wont occur. Just cause a little kid doesn't know that The Earth revolves around The Sun doesn't mean that its not happening!

Expressing oneself is something that we've been taught or have to teach ourselves to inculcate over time. Cause no-one is a mind-reader. If we don't express ourselves, we won't be heard. And it's vital to be heard. There is so much that bubbles in the human mind, kind of like a gigantic traffic network. If we could watch the neurons working on time lapse, we would be stupefied at what is going on. This brilliance needs to come out. Cause you know when there would a problem? When these amazing ideas and not so amazing ideas are buried within. There's this giant of a problem that arises then. It's called depression!

Psychiatrists all over the world …