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If only i was the Prime Minister* of India!

* Or whoever it is who makes all the crappy laws and further more implements it!

I could make a list of things that i could change about this lovely [ :) ] nation of ours!

So let me just begin.

1. The so called "Reservation System" : Before i begin, it has been almost 68 years since India got independence and 65 years since the "largest democracy" in the world was established. I have always wondered why is it the largest? Because of its infinite population? Maybe i'll google it once i'm done writing this. So, i assume 65 years is enough to manufacture at least 3 generations of homo sapiens. Right? Every other day i come across these cynical posts on social media about how people roaming around in Audis, living in mansions and holidaying in Hawaii with a not-so-mediocre brain manage to bag places in top colleges in India while the more deserving candidates are left in the hands of "donation" seats in X-Y-Z colleges. You get the drift. Its not just social media, even when a bunch of us hang out we eventually reach the topic about how unfair this nation is to us "general" people. Because, well, we are general. Common commodity. Some of us are even ready to marry the "special" people just for the sake of our children. Aren't we thoughtful?

I mean everyone knows what the EXACT problem is. I should just get to the point. So if i was THAT* person i'd add a filter to the system you know. A new CHECK-N-PLACE quota. It'd be like ONLY the first generation candidates are eligible for quota. Cause then you'd have an Audi and a Hawaii trip, so WHY in this damn world should your kid have a place reserved for him/her? Because, logically speaking, you'd be well off to properly educate them. Then IF he/she can get a seat based purely on their merit then they are more than welcome to join the crew.

Let me define what i mean by first generation. I don't care if they were born in the 50s or 90s. Or in between. Or after. Their entire clan will just get one reservation seat, cause maybe for some misfortune they were unable to have the resources to be all smart and compete and win. But hey! once they get it, its totally their responsibility to smarten up their kids or whatever. Not the governments. Not that the government in any way smartens us. It just gives priority to the undeserving OVER the deserving. Well, thats India for you.

Welcome to the world of hypocrisy! Cause the Preamble of the Constitution of India clearly states EQUALITY. And in the name of equality we are favoring the "special" troupes. Also, in the preamble just after equality it says fraternity. Well, let me tell you something. If i scored 90 percentile and that "special" person score 70 percentile and they got into my dream college, I'd be majorly pissed. And i would do anything but fraternize with them. Cause this is NOT equality. This is monopoly. To gamble votes. The dirty politics of it all.

Oh! Also in The Preamble one comes across JUSTICE. Hahaha!! Let me just leave it at that now.


PS - :) is my sarcastic smiley.

** Yeah, i copied it from somewhere. I just find it cool.


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