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If only i was the Prime Minister* of India!

* Or whoever it is who makes all the crappy laws and further more implements it!

I could make a list of things that i could change about this lovely [ :) ] nation of ours!
So let me just begin.
1. The so called "Reservation System" : Before i begin, it has been almost 68 years since India got independence and 65 years since the "largest democracy" in the world was established. I have always wondered why is it the largest? Because of its infinite population? Maybe i'll google it once i'm done writing this. So, i assume 65 years is enough to manufacture at least 3 generations of homo sapiens. Right? Every other day i come across these cynical posts on social media about how people roaming around in Audis, living in mansions and holidaying in Hawaii with a not-so-mediocre brain manage to bag places in top colleges in India while the more deserving candidates are left in the hands of "donation" seats in X-Y-Z colleges. You get the drift. Its not just…