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To be a Sentineli, good or bad?

In this era so exclusively driven by technological innovations, what once used to be a want or a desire has turned into a need.

Every other kid has an iPad these days and there is complete access to all the wonders of the world. With a tap you transit into this whole new world where you might be a plant (Who ever imagined that there could be something even more fascinating than the Venus flytrap?) and gobbling up zombies (Seriously!) or you are a builder building up entire cities and bringing new civilizations into existence.

You probably have more friends on Facebook than neurons in your brain. Just kidding, but you get my point. These days, its not uncommon to hear the phrase "Facebook friends". It a whole different class of friends. Like you know there are school friends, college friends, office friends and then there are Facebook friends. And whats more, there's an 80% chance that you haven't even seen or spoken to half of them. What happened to the good old day…

Just another thought!

"Ignorance is bliss."
I bet everyone is familiar with the above quote. But is that really true? I mean if you don't know something doesn't mean that is not occuring or wont occur. Just cause a little kid doesn't know that The Earth revolves around The Sun doesn't mean that its not happening!

Expressing oneself is something that we've been taught or have to teach ourselves to inculcate over time. Cause no-one is a mind-reader. If we don't express ourselves, we won't be heard. And it's vital to be heard. There is so much that bubbles in the human mind, kind of like a gigantic traffic network. If we could watch the neurons working on time lapse, we would be stupefied at what is going on. This brilliance needs to come out. Cause you know when there would a problem? When these amazing ideas and not so amazing ideas are buried within. There's this giant of a problem that arises then. It's called depression!

Psychiatrists all over the world …

If only i was the Prime Minister* of India!

* Or whoever it is who makes all the crappy laws and further more implements it!

I could make a list of things that i could change about this lovely [ :) ] nation of ours!
So let me just begin.
1. The so called "Reservation System" : Before i begin, it has been almost 68 years since India got independence and 65 years since the "largest democracy" in the world was established. I have always wondered why is it the largest? Because of its infinite population? Maybe i'll google it once i'm done writing this. So, i assume 65 years is enough to manufacture at least 3 generations of homo sapiens. Right? Every other day i come across these cynical posts on social media about how people roaming around in Audis, living in mansions and holidaying in Hawaii with a not-so-mediocre brain manage to bag places in top colleges in India while the more deserving candidates are left in the hands of "donation" seats in X-Y-Z colleges. You get the drift. Its not just…